Beautiful, flexible event space in the heart of Taipei

Located in the heart of city, Impact Hub Taipei is the perfect place for any event from a high profile launch to an intimate creative workshop.
Impact Hub prides itself on providing an inspired and inspiring space for you. Space is available to book for both private and public events of all types - networking, meetings, workshops, exhibitions, live musical performances, product and press launches, receptions & more. We look forward to discussing and supporting your event needs!


座落於台北市中心,無論是高規格的發表會,或是近距離互動的創意工作坊,Impact Hub Taipei對任何活動來說都是個完美的舉辦地點。

Impact Hub Taipei志在提供一個富有靈感和具有啟發性的空間。並且,Impact Hub Taipei提供任何形式的私人或公開活動租借,包含社群交流、會議、工作坊、展覽、音樂演奏會、產品發表會、接待會等等。我們很期待能和您討論及給予您活動所需要的支持!

Idea Farm 點子農場

The Idea Farm is versatile in use, a brightly lit space ideal for dynamic, creative and interactive events. During the day this is where our nomad members work and collaborate. Where as evenings/weekends or some other occasions the Idea Farm transforms into a venue used for speaker events, workshops, presses, networking events, launches, live performances, shows, and more. It boasts a projector, microphones, and adjustable mood lighting. The space is suitable for groups of up to 70 people.

Idea Farm 具有多功能的用途,明亮的空間適合有活力、具有創造性及互動性的各種活動。在平日早上,這裡是游牧會員們工作及一起合作的地點;但一到夜晚、假日及其他需要的時候,搖身一變就成為舉辦各式活動的場地,包含講座、工作坊、記者會、交流活動、發表會、現場表演、節目等等,並具有投影機、麥克風、即能隨氣氛調整的照明,場地最高可容納70人。

Insight Lab 洞察實驗室

The Insight Lab is an excellent room for meetings, brainstorm sessions and conference calls. You will be able to focus in a private, insightful atmosphere. It offers you a writable white board, wifi and TV to project. It has a standard set-up which seats 8 to 10 people around a large boardroom table.

Insight Lab 是個適合會議、腦力激盪及視訊會議的絕佳空間,提供靜謐、私人的氛圍,能讓大家專注會議且提高與會者的洞察力。會議室內備有wifi、可投影之電視設備,及白板可供書寫討論使用,座位採一般標準型式,可容納8~10人。

Art Corner 創藝角落

The Art Corner in the Idea Farm is a mini experimental gallery presents new and traveling visual or performance works by our Hubbers, young emerging artists, established artists, creatives or university students. Sometimes we may also curate concept-driven shared exhibitions in collaboration with other organizations, institutions or individuals.

Art Corner 是位於Idea Farm一角的迷你實驗展場,展示由Hubbers、新銳創作者、藝術家、創意工作者或大學學生所創作的視覺、表演藝術作品,有時我們也會與其他組織、機構、個人工作者合作,展示理念導向的作品。

For space queries, please call at +886.2.2700.3665 or write to

We shall get back to you as soon as we receive your queries!



How to get to our Hub?

  • By MRT
Wenhu Line / Line1
Technology Building Station
  • By Bus
National Taipei University of Education Station
15, 18, 52, 72, 207, 211, 235, 278, 284, 662, 663, 685
Technology Building Station
74, 278, 685

如何抵達 Impact Hub Taipei?

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15, 18, 52, 72, 207, 211, 235, 278, 284, 662, 663, 685
74, 278, 685